How can you secure the best possible deal on the solar market?

The surest way to do that would be to give us a call at Solarize USA and we’ll be sure to walk you through all the dos and don’ts of solar! We guarantee the lowest price possible for best equipment and service… And if by any crazy chance you are able to find a company that is offering the same top tier equipment at lower prices, then as your trusted advisor, we’ll be the first to encourage you to go with them instead. 

So, who is Solarize USA?

Solarize USA is a diverse network of innovative companies and individuals. We combine business savvy, innovative technology, and most importantly environmental & social responsibility to help you become independent of the utility monopolies that have been taking advantage of their customers for over 70 years. Our founding pillars are: Conservation – Education – Innovation

We save our customers thousands of dollars on electricity while dramatically reducing their carbon footprint, and we would love to help you achieve the same.

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