How does the Federal Tax Credit work in favor of Solar?

federal tax credit is the government credit system where a percentage of a residential solar installation cost can be offset against IRS taxes for the following year. It’s essentially a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the amount of income tax you would otherwise owe… 

Meaning, if your tax liability was $5,000 for the year and you have a credit of $2,000, you would pay only $3,000.

Example: Throughout 2021, the credit has been held at 26%. So, figure your home’s solar electric PV installation may cost $20,000, your tax credit would be:

$20,000 x 26% = $5,200 rebate 

(Major Tax credit in your hands)

If you’ll ever consider going Solar (most people eventually will), now is the time to do it — while you can still receive these generous benefits and the highest tax credit possible!

Note: In order to receive this tax credit, your Solar system MUST be either financed to own (NOT leased), or bought in cash.

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