What affects the performance of solar panels?

What we can control (which is handled by your installation company) is the angle at which the solar panel array is positioned under the sun, including which way it’s facing

(orientation). We can also make sure there are no obstructions that would cast shade onto your panels. “

What is out of our control would be natural circumstances like cloudy days…we estimate how much sun your house receives in a given year and build a system accordingly, to make up for those cloudy days

To make sure that you are as educated as possible on solar, here is a list that explains which factors mostly determine the efficiency of solar panels:

  • Irradiance – Measure of the sun’s energy in kWh/m2/year (commonly referred to as “peak-sun-hours”)
  • Shading  Significantly reduces production capacity – which can be optimized by using micro-inverters.
  • Orientation. Facing South is always best (particularly in the northern hemisphere).
  • Maximize production capacity by angling solar panels at 45 to 60 degrees.

Solarize USA, among other honest companies, will set you up with top tier solar panels which provide high efficiency.

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