Commercial Solar Installations in Seattle: Case Studies

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Seattle’s booming business landscape is steadily embracing solar energy. Companies of all sizes are harnessing the sun’s power to save money and promote sustainability. In this article, we examine a few notable commercial solar installations in Seattle, offering valuable insights into the benefits and process of going solar for businesses.

Case Study 1: The Bullitt Center

In the heart of Seattle, the Bullitt Center stands as a testament to what’s possible with green design. This six-story, 50,000-square-foot building is powered entirely by a rooftop solar array. Even in cloudy Seattle, the 244 kW system produces enough energy to meet the building’s needs, showcasing solar’s viability in less sunny climates.

The Bullitt Center serves as an example of how businesses can achieve net-zero energy consumption with solar power. Beyond cost savings, the building has gained significant recognition for its sustainability efforts, enhancing its public image.

Case Study 2: IKEA Seattle

IKEA is known worldwide for its affordable furniture, but it’s also making a name for itself in sustainability. The IKEA store in Seattle features a 244,000-square-foot solar array, the largest in Washington State. The system consists of 3,420 panels, which generate over 1 million kWh of electricity annually.

For IKEA, the decision to go solar aligns with their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. The solar array not only cuts energy costs but also helps the company achieve its global renewable energy goals.

Case Study 3: Magnuson Park Hangar

Magnuson Park Hangar, a renovated aircraft hangar turned into a recreational facility, boasts a 100 kW solar array. The system, installed on the hangar’s vast roof, offsets a substantial portion of the building’s energy use.

The project was made possible through a unique community solar program, which allows multiple investors to own a piece of the solar array and benefit from the energy savings. This model can be a useful approach for businesses looking to go solar without the high upfront costs.


These case studies demonstrate the diverse ways Seattle businesses are leveraging solar energy. Regardless of the size or sector, companies can benefit significantly from solar installations. From reducing operating costs to improving sustainability credentials, solar power is a wise investment for any business looking to thrive in the modern economic landscape.

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