Do solar panels increase or decrease the value of your home?

In most cases, the rates of return for going solar in Florida continue to show a net positive return, especially as competing companies are driving down the costs of solar panels and installation.

The Zillow app found that, while the average increase in home value in Florida after having solar installed was 4%, it increased for certain city areas. For example, the average value for homes with solar panels in Tampa, FL had increased to almost 4.6% (as of April 2021).

Of course, much of these results assume that you worked with an honest company which helped you secure the best deal possible for your home.

Solarize USA, for example, in addition to already finding the best deals on the market for its clients, has found a way to cut out the typically hidden and very expensive dealer fees, which would otherwise be incurred by the homeowner and result in substantially less savings than they could have benefited from. 

All the while, Solarize USA is still able to set its clients up with Top Tier systems. 

In conclusion…

Assuming your home is the right fit for solar (pending a non-invasive evaluation that would provide accurate estimates of short term and long term savings), there are so many benefits for installing solar and very few reasons not to… 

Who doesn’t appreciate the idea of having cheaper electricity over the long term, while  also standing to make a bigger profit when selling your home?

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