How can solar panels save you money

from day 1?

The best part about your investment in Solar (particularly when your system is
financed) are the long term AND short term benefits:

NO down payment required on the system you financed (if approved)

You could qualify for anywhere from 1-month to 12-months of no utility payments
after your system has been installed (depending on the financing deal you chose)

Save money on your utility bill for every month going forward (the payments toward
your new system will be less than what you previously paid for electricity)
Stop paying compounded interest year over year to your utility company for a system
that you don’t own — instead save tens of thousands of dollars (at a fixed rate) over the
next 20-30 years and ultimately become energy independent
Note: The cost of residential electricity continues to rise at around 2.9% per year.

Increase the value of your home
Save the planet by leading by example with your change to clean energy, and pave a
better future for your children, grandchildren, and humanity altogether.

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