Solar Power Education: Resources for Seattle Schools

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Educating the younger generation about renewable energy sources, particularly solar power, is a crucial step towards creating a sustainable future. Many schools in Seattle are taking the initiative to introduce students to this increasingly important field. This article presents some of the valuable resources available for solar power education in Seattle schools.

Solar 4R Schools

Solar 4R Schools is a fantastic program designed to bring renewable energy education to classrooms. They offer a comprehensive range of resources for teachers, including lesson plans, activities, and educational kits. What’s more, they also provide grants for schools to install solar panels, offering students a real-life solar power demonstration.

Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF)

BEF is another organization committed to renewable energy education. Their curriculum explores the science behind solar power and its societal impact, helping students grasp the complexities and benefits of this technology. Additionally, BEF facilitates school solar projects, further enhancing students’ learning experiences. Solar Decathlon

Although the Solar Decathlon is a national event, it offers invaluable resources for schools across the country, including Seattle. The competition challenges university teams to design and build energy-efficient homes powered by renewables, primarily solar. Schools can use the wealth of information on the Solar Decathlon website to inspire students and inform class projects.

Local Solar Installers

Many local solar installation companies in Seattle offer educational resources and are willing to visit schools to talk about solar power. Some companies might even offer workshops or training programs for older students interested in pursuing careers in the renewable energy sector.

Washington State Solar Incentives

Understanding the economic and policy aspects of solar power is a key part of solar education. Resources detailing Washington State’s solar incentives, like the Solar Incentive Program and Net Metering, can provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the solar industry’s financial aspects.


Solar power education is an essential part of preparing students for a future where renewable energy will play a significant role. By using these resources, Seattle schools can enhance their science curriculum, spark interest in clean energy careers, and inspire students to be proactive about sustainability.

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