What most solar companies won’t tell you…

Just like in every industry, there’s always some bad apples…

In the case of solar, those would be some of the sleazy sales people or some of the dishonest companies who got into this industry for the wrong reasons and who are not focused on what is in their clients’ best interest. 

Below are some tips to take into consideration that will help you identify and avoid these types of crooks who will take advantage if you are not well informed…

Know Market Prices / Request Multiple Quotes – Always ask for the Price Per Watt… If a solar company is hiding the Price Per Watt of their system, you can likely get a much better deal elsewhere. 

Solar Lease vs Purchase – It’s key that you understand the different types of solar agreements available in your area so you can determine which will be in your best interest based on your specific situation. Bottom line is saving money and becoming energy independent. Although in certain areas on a rare occasion a lease agreement might make sense (or may be your only available option), as a general rule of thumb, you will want to look for a purchase financing deal that will allow you to own your solar system…

Choose A Reputable Solar Contractor – Ask for your estimates to include any opt-out information in case a system doesn’t perform as promised. Make sure your contractor is licensed for your location and is able to take care of all permitting and grid tie installation. You can also check online reviews to make sure your contractor has completed projects properly and honestly.

Note: Solarize USA handles all of this for you!

Understand The Cost Of Your Utility Bill – Your solar company should help you understand exactly what you’re paying for when it comes to electricity, and how becoming energy independent is the best choice financially and environmentally.

Free Solar Panel Installation – There are many areas in the US – especially in Florida – where it’s possible to get a solar system installed without being charged for the installation. So, make sure to inform yourself on any and all associated costs (upfront and long term), and more importantly, that you are working with a reputable solar contractor who will provide you a breakdown of all such costs in writing.

Tax Credits and Rebates – Federal and State tax credits as well as local utility energy rebates are not the same for every state. The exciting thing about going solar is that these rebates are often what allow for zero out of pocket costs and long term savings. To get the most out of your investment, you will want to work with a reputable solar energy consultant who will present to you (in writing) ALL of the options available in your area.

Is the Solar Energy Industry a scam?

The answer is NO, not at all!

Solar energy is a time proven, clean and affordable source of electricity for your home. As of 2021 over 3 million homes and businesses have converted to solar power in the United States. That’s No Scam.

Unfortunately, as with any industry, there are also some dishonest and unethical contractors and companies who have given the solar industry a bad rep…

Which is precisely why we’ve put together such an informative page here for you, and why we continue to consult and educate consumers on solar energy via as many mediums as possible.

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